Scott Disick Allegedly Being ‘Held Hostage’ At Home By Kardashian Sisters

Scott Disick’s behavior seems to have spiraled so far out of control that he is reportedly being held hostage in his own home by partner Kourtney, as well as other Kardashian sisters, and apparently, it’s all for his own good.

According to the latest media report by Radar Online today, the Kardashians have finally decided to take direct action to stop baby-daddy Scott from drinking, smoking, and getting high on prescription meds.

As a source divulged to Radar, Scott Disick is apparently a “hostage in his own home,” and there is always someone to keep an eye on him as most of the Kardashian klan are there visiting the couple’s latest addition to the family, baby Reign.

As the insider revealed, “Kourtney is not letting Scott out of her sights right now and her family is all coming over non-stop to see the new baby.”

The same source added that Kourtney has employed the services of her younger sisters, Kim, 34, Khloe, 30, Kendall, 19, and Kylie, 17, who have all been instructed to keep Scott Disick away from the booze, as well as other things.

Fortunately for him, Disick — who lost both his parents in the same year — the Kardashians are there for him and reportedly “have his back.”

“Kourtney’s family cares way too much about Scott to let him fall again like he does when he is not supervised by all of them,” the source said.

The insider continued that Scott is doing his best to fight his demons, having entered a rehab facility over the summer after being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.

“Scott has stepped up to the plate as a partner, father and family member. The fact that her and Scott are doing so well right now is because he is sober.”

According to the insider, the events around the advent of the New Year, and having a new baby, took its toll on Scott Disick, who is known to get stressed easily and turn to alcohol and other things for solace.

“With all of the stress that these past couple of weeks have brought him, with her giving birth and New Years and all, she does not want him to go and screw it all up by going on a bender,” the source added.

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