Homeless Bodybuilder Who Uses Streets Of Paris As His Gym Goes Viral With 4 Million Views

Even though he’s officially homeless, 50-year-old Sayagh Jacques doesn’t let that small complication hinder him when it comes to working out, which he does regularly on the streets of Paris where he lives.

As you can see from the image above, while Jacques might have slightly matted hair, thus carrying off the homeless look perfectly, his body is pretty impressive, and he even maintains a perfect cut six-pack.

For Jacques, there is no issue with using the streets of the French capital as his gym, and when people give him money instead of spending it on booze and cigarettes, he purchases protein-packed foods which help him to build and maintain muscle.

Fortunately for Jacques, he has managed over the years to procure a few pieces of makeshift workout equipment, such as a cable and a few ropes which he ties to lamp poles and park fences. He uses these to do basic bodyweight exercises like pull ups, push ups, pullovers and rows.

Back in 2014, well-known French director Julien Goudichaud happened to cross paths with Jacques on the streets of Paris, and he observed Jacques exercising. He became intrigued by the man’s habits and began speaking to him on a regular basis.

“He told me he was sleeping in his tent, he used cardboard to keep the heat and at the same time he spoke of diet, lifestyle, daily training, and concern for his physical appearance. The contrast was striking,” Julien said.

Having struck up a friendship of sorts with the homeless bodybuilder, Julien talked him into starring in his very own six-minute film showing his unique training regime, entitled, Titled Street Fight. The video was an instant hit and soon went viral with over 4 million views on Vimeo and Facebook.

As Julien told French reporters, “I just posted this video on my Facebook so my friends can see it and I intended to keep it to present it as an example of personal work. Within a week-and-a-half, it received 500,000 views, so I was overwhelmed!”

For now, due to the success of the homeless bodybuilder’s short film, Julien is working on a longer documentary about Jacques due to be released later this year.

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