Shooting at Chris Brown Concert, Five Injured

Early Sunday morning, five were injured in a shooting at a Chris Brown concert in San Jose, California, but the singer wasn’t hurt.

Brown was performing “Loyal” when a fight broke out in the crowd. He commented on the happenings.

“Oh, them n*****s is getting it in over there.”

Then shots rang out.

An audience member captured raw footage of Brown on stage during the incident.

Reportedly, the Fiesta & Restaurant Night Club was packed. Bartender Edgar Jimenez ducked under the bar but reported on the scene during the shooting.

“There was screaming, pushing and running. Of course I was scared, because you’re in the middle of a shooting.”

San Jose police report arriving at the club at 1:20 a.m. and finding four people who were shot. The concert goers were rushed to the hospital and a short while later, another person who left the concert went to an emergency room for treatment.

Several people were detained by police, but no arrests were reported. The victims are expected to survive.

Brown, who has 13.9K Twitter followers, posted a tweet, “I’m 100,” meaning he was 100 percent fine, and asking fans to “check back later,” but it was later deleted.

He also posted on a Mercury News reader forum.

“Hey, just because I was there doesn’t mean I was the target.”

Brown was performing at the nightclub as part of a VIP birthday celebration. Ticket prices ranged from $50 to $2,500. Per attendees and promotional flyers, the party was moved from the Rockbar Theater on Saratoga Avenue because more space was needed.

As people left the club in a panic, identification and car keys were dropped, as well as cocktail glasses. Many returned later in the morning to retrieve items but were told they could not enter the crime scene.

Most chose not to speak with journalists, but one woman said the concert shooting began when Brown got on the stage shortly before the party ended.

“The shooting started when he started the third verse of the song. That’s when everybody leaned back or dived.”

There was a shooting at another Chris Brown venue in August 2014 when the R&B singer hosted an unofficial MTV VMA party. Former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight was shot multiple times but is still alive.

In September, MTV asked the singer if there was a gang affiliation because of the level of violence at his concerts.

“When you’re in L.A. and you’re around people, you meet everybody — you meet Crips, you meet Bloods, especially in this industry that I’m in. I’m not in the country world, I’m not in the all-the-way pop world. [When] you’re in hip-hop, all of that meshes.”

Because of the danger of shootings or stabbings at concerts, the Los Angeles Police Department asked club owners to blacklist Brown, because wherever he shows up, violence seems to follow. But he’s welcomed with open arms by the owners, because the performances are sell-outs.

[Image: Baltimore Backpage]

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