WWE News: Chris Jericho Reveals Schedule, Roman Reigns Promos, Kane Grants A Wish

Lots of things are going on in WWE right now, and three of its biggest stars are at the center of it all. Chris Jericho showed up out of nowhere last night for a WWE Live event. Roman Reigns is working on his promos, but someone backstage has to be helping him. Last, but not least, the Big Corporate Machine known as Kane did something very uncommon for his character.

On Saturday night, Chris Jericho showed up unannounced at a WWE Live Event in Alabama and defeated Luke Harper. The fans went nuts for his return, but as Wrestling Inc. pointed out, they likely won’t see him back on television.

Jericho still notes that he will not be appearing on television or pay-per-view events, so he likely won’t be at the Royal Rumble. In the video, Jericho shows how he will work events through March 1, but then he is back with Fozzy for a European tour starting on March 4.

Earlier in January, Jericho confirmed he wanted to enjoy going back on the live event and non-TV schedule between tours. He even called himself the “anti-Brock Lesnar.”

Since Roman Reigns returned from injury, he has been speaking a bit more and that’s needed for someone if they are going to main event status.

Still, WrestleZone reported that his promos had him sinking fast and he needs a lot of help now. Some have wondered who is writing his cartoon-like promos, and reports are that Vince McMahon himself is scripting them.

If WWE is actually going to follow through with the idea that Reigns wins the Royal Rumble and headlines WrestleMania 31, then he needs to get those promos sorted out now. Reigns being bad on the mic doesn’t spell good news for a lengthy title run or even one at all.

Lastly, the Big Corporate Machine known as Kane may dominate in the ring and tower over all of his opponents, but he isn’t always intimidating. He can do nice things at times, and he’s just as happy to grant wishes for kids in the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

At Saturday night’s WWE Live Event in Sacramento, the towering hulk of a man was able to make one kid’s life very happy.

Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, and Kane all seem headed in different directions lately, but the next stop is the Royal Rumble. Well, at least for Reigns and Kane, but one never truly knows what Jericho is going to do.

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