Blue Ivy Is All The Disney Princesses In Adorable Family Photos

Blue Ivy is definitely a little queen in the making — all you have to do is check out Beyoncé’s Instagram page and Tumblr to see that she’s a living Disney princess.

According to Us Weekly, baby Blue turned three years old on January 7, and the littlest Carter celebrated her birthday with a Frozen-themed party. Blue Ivy was presented with a snowflake-shaped ice sculpture that looks like something princess Elsa would decorate her ice castle with, and Queen Bey was kind enough to share a photo of the intricate work of art with her Instagram followers.

Blue Ivy Ice Sculpture

Blue is reportedly a huge fan of Elsa, the Disney’s Frozen princess with icy powers. In a way, this makes her like most girls her age. However, the closest things other Frozen fans get to birthday ice sculptures are the cubes in their cups of Kool-Aid.

Another cute photo featured Blue Ivy eating a slice of rainbow-colored cake while wearing a cute pink dress that looks like something Princess Aurora would have worn as a toddler.

Blue Ivy Cake

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Ivy also has something in common with Princess Jasmine — she recently befriended a tiger. However, unlike the Aladdin royal, Blue isn’t going to live with her new feline friend — she was only around the cute cub long enough to pose for a picture and watch it drink a bottle of milk at the Phuket FantaSea theme park.

Blue Ivy Tiger

Princess Jasmine also didn’t have to worry about being criticized for supporting animal cruelty. According to CNN, animal rights group World Animal Protection blasted Beyoncé and Jay Z for being “unaware of the cruelty tigers suffer for these tourist attractions.” In other words, the big kitty sitting in front of Blue Ivy doesn’t get treated like Jasmine’s pampered pet, Rajah.

Once upon a time, Jay Z had to carry Blue Ivy on the beach. Obviously, this is because she’s a little mermaid princess like Ariel (she just needs a little practice finding her “land legs”).

Blue Ivy Mermaid

Blue has also tried on a pair of fancy shoes, just like Cinderella. However, because they belong to Beyoncé, they’re more priceless than the sparkliest of glass slippers.

Blue Ivy Cinderella

Blue Ivy also enjoys showing off her favorite ball dress, courtesy of fairy godmother Beyoncé.

Blue Ivy Princess Dress

Just like Snow White, Blue is friends with furry woodland critters. She also shares Pocahontas’ love of running around barefoot.

Blue Ivy Bunny

And, just like Mulan, Blue doesn’t mind doing a little cross-dressing.

Blue Ivy MJ

Blue Ivy also gets birthday gifts worthy of Disney royalty. According to the Daily Mail, Ivy’s past gifts have included a $30,000 Windmill Playhouse and an $80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie doll. Perhaps Beyoncé and Jay Z really tried to outdo themselves this year by getting the princess her own mini castle.

What do you think of Blue Ivy’s lavish lifestyle? Is the daughter of Queen Bey the closest thing America has to a real princess?

[Image credits: Beyonce/Instagram and Tumblr, Beylite Instagram]

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