‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: Desiree Dupree Could Be The Next To Die

American Horror Story returned to the airwaves last week, and it picked up right where it left off as far as plenty of craziness and just the right amount of bloody good fun. As is the case with more American Horror Story, as the season wind downs, there were also a couple of new characters introduced, all the better to drive up the body count in the season’s final three episodes.

In a season of American Horror Story where the gay lifestyle in the 1950s is a key part of the show, openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris has made his debut on the program in the form of the newest owner of the Freakshow in Jupiter, Florida. Along with Harris comes a literal living doll, whose human side is played by actress Jamie Brewer. It seems likely that this character is going to be killed off before the season comes to an end, but who else is going to make it through and who is doomed to be killed.

One character who seems to have punched her ticket more than once is Desiree Dupree. Played by Angela Bassett, this is a woman who once thought she was a hermaphrodite. Once she found out she was all lady and no man, she started taking on her rather violent husband a bit more. Considering that others in this year’s version of American Horror Story have seen plenty of people who ran afoul of Michael Chiklis’ character die off, Desiree could be next.

Bassett’s character lived through most of the season of American Horror Story: Coven, only to see her die off in the final few episodes of last season as well. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Bassett seems to think there’s a chance Desiree is going to be able to make it through Freakshow because of her toughness and willingness to fight.

“But I think she has a great chance at survival. She’s been at it a long time – well, they all have; they’ve all had to fight their entire lives, but I think she has a good chance, good instincts,” Bassett said.

Whether Dupree ends up living or dying, she is far from the only character on the show who is in real danger. One of the hallmarks of AHS is there generally aren’t a whole lot of people left standing when the smoke does finally clear. With just three episodes left in the season, American Horror Story: Freakshow is likely just getting warmed up.

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