‘iZombie’ Premiering On CW In March

iZombie has been a CW show that has been “coming soon” for quite a while. On Sunday, the CW Network finally announced that iZombie will indeed be coming quite soon. The series, about a pretty zombie with special powers, is due to debut as a “mid-season replacement” on March 17.

iZombie is a program that has been put together by Rob Thomas and the rest of the crew that also produced the popular CW series Veronica Mars. iZombie will even be using a part of the broadcast that became a staple for Kristen Bell as the titular character of that show. iZombie will have the show’s star, Rose McIver, telling quite a bit of the story using voiceover, while also going about the action in the series.

A large part of that action takes place inside a morgue, where the star of iZombie works because she can get all the free brains she can eat. Where this show differs quite a bit from Veronica Mars is that it does, indeed, give the star of the show special powers. When the iZombie lead character, Liv, bites into a brain, she gets the memories, knowledge, and skills of the brain’s previous owner.

The birth of iZombie on the CW is thanks in large part to the network’s continued love of DC comics characters. Liv and her predicament are based on another series from that publishing house, though, according to Entertainment Weekly, Thomas says there isn’t a whole lot in common between CW’s iZombie and the comic book version of iZombie. In the comic book version, the world of iZombie was filled with all kinds of monsters. The CW version of iZombie only has the walking undead and they aren’t quite as numerous as you might expect.

What iZombie does do is take advantage of television viewers’ love of the zombie genre while also bringing a different kind of look to the genre. iZombie isn’t The Walking Dead, or even Z Nation. iZombie certainly has some action and crime solving, but it also has quite a bit of comedy. Because it’s a CW show, there is likely to be some big time romance included in the show as well.

CW has certainly made its shows feature some pretty people. It’s not coincidence that the walking dead in iZombie are going to be pretty as well. As the new trailer shows, on iZombie, the zombies might want to eat us, but we’re going to want to eat them up with a spoon as well.

[Image via the CW]

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