Francesco Totti Scores Roma Goal And Celebrates By Taking Selfie On The Pitch

Francesco Totti is the Roma captain, and he has celebrated numerous goals throughout his illustrious career, but none quite like his most recent. After trying the game up against rival Lazio in the Rome derby, Totti grabbed a cell phone from a member of the coaching staff and took a selfie on the pitch.

As Bleacher Report stated, the 38-year-old Totti was able to help get Roma into a 2-2 draw with Lazio by scoring both goals. At that point, he decided to show he’s still young at heart with the selfie.

Not only was it a selfie on the pitch, but it included him making the dreaded “duck face” that has become so popular around the world.

francesco totti roma selfie duck face

With so many people in the stadium and the noises deafening those within hearing distance, there were many more cameras present. Franceso Totti’s selfie on the pitch was captured not only by himself, but at different angles all over the place.

He was surrounded by cameras that were taking pictures of him taking a selfie of himself, but they never got the best shot. The best was taken by Francesco Totti himself, and it was posted to Facebook by Roma after the draw.

francesco totti selfie

Sporting News reported that the 22-year veteran for Roma has made 56 appearances with the national team from Italy. In international play, he has scored nine goals, but it was obvious that the two on Sunday were his most exciting.

Well, maybe the celebrations made them all that much better.

After the goal, Totti headed to the sidelines and grabbed the phone from a coaching staff member. He walked along for a few seconds and tried to bring up the camera on it before stopping near the goal, and holding the phone in the air.

That was when he smiled and gave a thumbs up, but changed things up a bit. He took down the thumbs up, and gave the world the duck lips for his selfie.

As expected, the selfie taken by the Roma captain Francesco Totti has gone viral, and so did his late-game heroics to tie the game against Lazio and bring them into a draw.

Many will remember Totti for so many things throughout his career and even from this game, but the selfie on the pitch — complete with duck lips — will always be a hot topic.

[Images via Gregorio Borgia – Associated Press]

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