Andy Dick admits he’s a dick

Entertainment Tonight has screened an interview with Andy Dick about his arrest, and general drunk behavior.

“When I drink I turn into a moron. I think I’m being funny and clever, but I look back on the video tape and I border on retardation. People see me as a very easy target and they just make fun of me. It’s horrible, actually. It’s like making fun of a mentally handicapped person, because I am when I have that much alcohol inside of me” said Dick.

He lowest point was “Sitting in the back of the cop car urinating all over myself, crying, blowing my nose into my own shirt. It was incomprehensible demoralization. I also had in one day, my agent, my manager and my publicist say ‘Sayonara!’ That still didn’t stop me.”

Dick appears this season on VH1’s “Sober House” and is wearing an ankle alcohol monitor for one year as part of his three year probation.

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