Watch Venus Williams’ Doggie Ball Boys In Adorable Video

In one of the most adorable things you will ever see in tennis, Venus Williams had three dogs acting as ball boys in a recent match in New Zealand.

The friendly between Williams and two-time Grand Slam winner Svetlana Kuznetsova at the ASB Classic in Auckland had something no other tennis match has had, that we know off. The three adorable dogs seems to be having a blast, as they were involved in a fun game of fetch.

Complete with paw bands, the pooches ran back and forth every time their help was needed, and they were fast. Even though not much is on the line at a friendly, the canine ball boys were the main attraction.

“With some of the world’s best tennis players coming to Auckland, New Zealand, we found the world’s best ball boys. Introducing Ted, Oscar, and Super Teddy, the cheekiest ball boys (dogs) in the world. ASB Classic, for the love of tennis” the ASB said on YouTube, where the Venus Williams ball boys video was posted.

The video, titled “The Best Ball Boys in the World,” starts with the introduction of the tennis players as they walk out on the court. Then come the dogs running excitedly. Venus is so excited to see a rescued Bull Mastiff named Oscar, a Border Collie named Ted, and a Jack Russell/Norfolk Terrier/Miniature Schnauzer mix named Super Teddy, that she touches her hand to her heart and mouths “Awww.”

Venus’ ball boys are the cutest thing you will ever see in a tennis match, and are more efficient than any boy or girl spotted at an international tournament. As play begins, the stars hit the ball back and forth. The dogs are watching closely and then, when the ball hits the net, they spring into action.

One of the dogs runs to retrieve the ball, just like his human peers. The players are just melting with what they see.

This comes as tennis is having a hard time attracting viewers, even though most Grand Slam tournaments are seemingly sold out, attendance is actually in decline. Venus Williams and her sister, Serena, usually bring out the crowds.

With the unconventional ball boys, organizers of the tournament are hoping people will pay more attention to a sport that definitely needs the support.

What do you think of the dogs used as ball boys for the Venus Williams match?

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