Ariana Grande Or Naya Rivera? Who’s Got The Bigger ‘Problem’ With Big Sean

Talk about awkward! Not only did Big Sean’s ex-girlfriend Naya Rivera take on Ariana Grande’s hit song “Problem” during the season premiere of Glee this week, but the battle rages on as the internet weighs in on whose performance was better.

According to Hollywood Life, it’s too close to call.

“It’s a tough choice between Ariana and Naya. Both of them have such incredible voices!”

Starting with Naya and the Glee gang, Hollywood Life gave this review of the episode.

“It’s always a good ‘Glee’ episode when the Unholy Trinity reunites. Santana (Naya), Brittany (Heather Morris) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) put on their Cheerios outfits and performed ‘Problem’ out on the football field, and it was quite a show. Fellow Cheerios were pulling off incredible stunts and the crowd was roaring with applause as Naya & Co. sang Ariana’s hit.”

As far as Rivera’s actual rendition of “Problem,” the review confirms that Naya did indeed pull it off.

“Boy, did she pull it off,” the article stated. “Naya must of known she would have to bring her A-game to Ariana’s song and she sure did!”

Not to be outdone, however, the review did not dismiss the power of Grande’s take on “Problem,” calling Ariana’s soulful yet powerful voice “the one we could never get out of our heads.”

In the end, they called it a tie, but were also quick to wonder what Big Sean thinks about his ladies taking on the same song. As reported by Inquisitr, Big Sean and Ariana Grande first connected while recording “Problem” for Ariana’s hit album. Naya Rivera meanwhile, was engaged to the 26-year-old rapper, but has since moved on, according to Fashion and Style. They even point out that this is not the first time that Big Sean and Naya Rivera stayed connected through music.

“When the rapper’s hit song, ‘IDFWU,’ debuted toward the end of 2014,” the site points out, “rumors instantly swirled that the scathing track was a diss to his famous ex, who quickly married shortly after their split.”

As reported by Inquistr, Big Sean and Ariana Grande have gotten hot and heavy ever since then, with Big Sean even purchasing a giant, expensive ring for the pop starlet for Christmas. But rumors have swirled recently that the couple were on the outs because Big Sean had cheated on Grande, though the couple shared some cozy pics on Instagram to refute those claims.

What do you think? Did Naya Rivera outdo Ariana Grande with her rendition of “Problem” on Glee?

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