Cee Lo Green Changes Words to ‘Imagine,’ Draws Criticism From Fans [Video]

John Lennon imagined a world without religion as a more peaceful place. Cee Lo Green thinks that the key to peace is to let everyone believe what they want. Valid points could be made for both arguments, but when singing Lennon’s “Imagine,” you should probably stick to the original lyrics.

Last night during Cee Lo Green’s New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square in New York, the singer changed “nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too” to “nothing to kill or die for, and all religion’s true.”

Cee Lo fans took to Twitter to voice their complaints about the lyrics changed, and Cee Lo read and responded to a lot of them. One fan wrote:

“The whole point of the lyric is that religion causes harm. If “all religion’s true” the world would be a pretty bleak place.”

To which Cee Lo responded:

“I meant all faith or belief is valid…that’s all”

Some fans also took issue with the fact that Cee Lo Green sang the song, which includes lyrics like “imagine no possessions,” in a fur coat and decked out in diamonds.

One fan wrote:

“You sang “Imagine” in a fur coat & expensive jewelry and changed lyric to be pro-religion.#2011WrongnessSummedUp

Cee Lo responded:

” its cold. I work for a living and I believe u still have the right to send this simple ass tweet”

Here’s a video of Cee Lo Green singing “Imagine.”

Does it bother you that Cee Lo Green changed the lyrics in “Imagine?”

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