Buffalo Bills Rumor: Rex Ryan Staying With Owner Terry Pegula Saturday Night, Appears Frontrunner For Coaching Job

The Buffalo Bills may have their man as head coach — but they’ll have to hurry.

Reports emerged late on Saturday that the team is bringing in former Jets coach Rex Ryan for a second interview. The Bills first round of interviews saw a total of 12 candidates come through the door, but the Bills are reportedly done with that round and moving on to their finalists.

Rex Ryan had first interviewed with the Bills on Thursday, but at the time it appeared more than likely he would end up with the Atlanta Falcons. Even before Ryan was fired at the end of the Jets’ disappointing season, rumors were swirling that the Falcons were angling to bring him in.

The Falcons moved quickly to interview Ryan and there were initially reports that the team could name Ryan their head coach within hours of his interview mid-week, but the interview came and went with no announcement.

But the Falcons are by no means out of the running to land Rex Ryan, which could be pressing the Buffalo Bills in their pursuit. And the team’s ownership isn’t letting the opportunity slip, with new owner Terry Pegula reportedly visiting with Ryan on Saturday night and planning an interview in the morning.

The Bills were late comers to the head coaching bonanza this year, with coach Doug Marrone opting out of his contract on New Year’s Eve, taking his $4 million salary and running. But the vacancy gives new owner Terry Pegula — who is one of the richest owners in the NFL, and has said money is no object in rebuilding the team — to make a bold move.

Rex Ryan is reportedly just as interested in the Buffalo Bills job, and has some plans that could help the team’s immediate needs. Sources say Ryan wants to bring in former Bears coach Marc Trestman as his offensive coordinator, which could help kick-start a stagnant Bills offense that held them back from reaching the playoffs this year.