Seattle Seahawks Win As Cinderella Story Ends For Carolina Panthers

The Seattle Seahawks didn’t need a magic wand to end the Cinderella story of the Carolina Panthers.

In what was described as a “Kam vs. Cam” matchup, this game would prove not to be the dramatic shootout seen earlier between the Ravens and the Patriots.

In retrospect, it was almost as if the Seattle Seahawks were sadistically toying with the visiting team, allowing them to believe they had a chance of getting into the game and even winning it.

This turn of events could be blamed on the inability of the Carolina Panthers to get an effective running game going. That, or the fact that the Carolina Panthers was up against a truly good postseason team.

Many football pundits considered this game to be the true test of the Carolina Panthers’ ability. After all, they limped into the playoffs as the best team in a terrible division.

Although Carolina beat the Arizona Cardinals, rather than give credit to the Panthers, it was believed they only won because Arizona was truly terrible.

However, the Seattle Seahawks were not the Arizona Cardinals: There would be no third string quarterbacks waiting for the visiting team.

Although Carolina seemed to be on the verge of a possible comeback for much of the game, the Seattle Seahawks kicked it into high gear in the 4th quarter.

The Seahawks scored 17 points to the Panthers’ seven; the game would eventually end 31-17.

Despite the inevitable disappointment of going out of the playoffs due to a blowout loss, the Panthers should feel some level of pride in that they survived a game longer than many assumed would be the case.

With the Ravens out at practically the last minute, thanks to an implosion on the part of Joe Flacco, it looks like this is the week where fairy tale endings come to a grinding halt.

This will mean business as usual as the top teams with the best standings coming into the playoffs are set to duke it out in the conference championships.

This win will mean that the Seattle Seahawks play host to either the Dallas Cowboys or Green Bay Packers.

The Seahawks are the defending NFL Super Bowl champions. Thanks to beating the Panthers, they are now one victory away from a return to the Super Bowl.

Interestingly enough, the Denver Broncos are still in contention for a Super Bowl feature. After being embarrassed by the Seattle Seahawks (it was a 43-8 game), some wonder if there’s a chance we will have a rematch in February.

In order for that to happen, the Broncos will have to conquer both the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots.

Do you think the Seattle Seahawks have what it takes to make it back to the Super Bowl?

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