Rita Ora Vows To ‘Be Appropriate’ On ‘The Voice U.K.’, Upset Over Fake Sex Tape

Rita Ora may have plenty of assets, but not everyone was excited to see them on display in the middle of regular TV programming. Her One Show outfit sparked outrage when the neckline was so plunging that you could see the majority of her breasts.

The up and coming star, however, acknowledges that she’s going to have to tone it down for her position on this season of The Voice U.K. With the series due to return to screens tonight, the newly appointed coach told the Sun that she plans to keep it decent for the prime time audience.

“I thought to myself ‘well I have to be a bit appropriate if I’m going to be on TV every Saturday.'”

Metro reports that she will be dressed more appropriately, in a long black skirt and sheer black top, for The Voice‘s 2015 U.K. season debut. This outfit will hopefully be received on a more positive note, and ensure that her time on The Voice U.K. goes more smoothly than her time on The One Show, which many parents of young children took issue with and over 400 complaints were logged with the BBC.

While this should be her time to shine, she is feeling embarrassed and upset tonight after a fake sex tape of her hit the internet yesterday.

The Daily Star reports that someone who looks very much like Rita Ora is said to be a participant in a seedy triple X-rated pornographic film, which is less than a minute long but is making the rounds on many sites and had thousands of views. With her social gaffe regarding her risqué choice of attire on One Show, many people believe the porn actress is actually Rita.

An insider revealed that it was “fairly obvious” that the actress was not Rita, but that Rita was feeling gutted and vulnerable about the scandal.

“The tape isn’t Rita but claims it is her so that is still very embarrassing as it pops up on lots of search engines. Fans may be duped into thinking it is genuine and hand over their money for a longer look. It is clearly not Rita but sadly there is little she can do about it. It’s nonetheless very annoying and upsetting.”

Some may argue that’s the price one pays for stardom, particularly when they are involved in scandalous attire brouhahas. Hopefully Ora will be able to put these incidents behind her and perform well in her new role.

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