‘The Wedding Ringer’ Dog-Biting-Penis Scene Edited, Reveals Sony Leaked Emails

To read through the recently leaked images of the hacked Sony emails on the “Bikini Robot Army” Twitter account of Val Broeksmit continues to fascinate, including an image posted on January 9 of an email that features Sony executives discussing the upcoming The Wedding Ringer movie.

Kevin Hart, star of The Wedding Ringer, was already the topic of discussion in a series of other email images posted on Twitter, as reported by the Inquisitr, which detailed how Hart recommended The Wedding Ringer movie release date be moved up from February to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday weekend.

In the other leaked Sony email conversation about The Wedding Ringer, Ilana Lewis — whom IMDb calls an assistant editor on The Wedding Ringer — emails Brad Word and Shelly Westerman with talk of a “zero dick” sequence in The Wedding Ringer, which relates to a point in the movie where Doug Harris (Josh Gad) gets his penis bitten at his bachelor party by a dog. It’s a The Wedding Ringer scene that the New York Daily News calls graphic and gross.

According to the leaked emails, Sony took caution to edit the scene so that no penis would show in the film. Sal Ladestro fired off an email to a list of Sony Pictures Releasing International managing and marketing directors about the controversial scene in The Wedding Ringer.

“By now you have received the updated feature with a fairly heavily edited — dog and peanut butter scene. This is what will be released here in the U.S. There is an opportunity to have this scene edited further — the link below gives you an alternative cut with keeps the tone of the scene, but without any questionable footage. We are calling the feature with this scene the INTERNATIONAL VERSION.”

Apparently, a keen-eyed guy named Ken Yu still saw penis parts in the newly edited The Wedding Ringer scene and replied as such.

“We think the joke works for our audience as long as no private part [sic] being shown. However, in the ‘zero dick’ footage provided, we can still see the dog biting a penis at 56-[mark]. Although it was as a blink short, it may still create trouble for our censorship. We’d love to go for the international version but we’d like to make sure it’s totally ‘dick-free’ ;)”

With emails leaking out of Sony like the above and being posted on Twitter, the world is learning more of what interesting workplaces movie studios can be.

[Image via Inquisitr]

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