WWE News: WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose Turning Heel Soon?

Many have wondered why WWE has had Dean Ambrose lose a lot of his main event bouts in 2014. First, he seemingly lost every time he faced Seth Rollins and barely won a few times facing Bray Wyatt. The real reason behind it is simple: a win over Ambrose does help build a talent. Ambrose comes off as a main eventer, so he doesn’t have to always win to be seen as one.

To many, he is similar to a Christian or Kane. Christian was thrown into main event or secondary situations often — the same with Kane. WWE would make them strong one minute then job out the next; it all simply depended on the situation. A win over them still served as a big deal for a talent, however.

While Ambrose holds more credibility than both Christian and Kane currently, both men were also former World Champions who had several tag team titles and secondary titles, as well. So being compared to them is not a bad thing, because both were rewarded for their work.

Dean lost to Rollins because Rollins needed to beat him to look strong. The same has been said about Bray Wyatt. According to Daily Wrestling News, many were shocked that Wyatt beat Ambrose clean. The only reason WWE had Wyatt win was to keep him strong to potentially face the Undertaker if Taker can wrestle come WrestleMania 31.

Wyatt is still set to be part of a major match, regardless.

The move to have Wyatt win was also two fold. It is said that WWE wanted to do this as sort of a story in turning Dean Ambrose heel soon. While most feel he wouldn’t turn until after WrestleMania, it is quite the big move by WWE.

Most consider Dean Ambrose a favorite to win the Royal Rumble match in a few weeks, so it wouldn’t make sense to really turn him yet. Many do not want to see it at all, as he could be similar to what Randy Orton or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has been and be more of an anti-hero for his career. While Orton has been mainly known as a heel most of his career, and Austin known more as a face, both men have spent time in the other character position.

It simply didn’t work as well, which is why the anti-hero role worked so well for the two of them. Ambrose is seemingly playing that now, but he hasn’t done anything for people to question just yet other than fight with John Cena a bit. So a heel move might come more so when he faces off with someone that seemingly everyone loves, like Daniel Bryan.

This most likely will come later on, though, so we will have to wait and see what WWE does with Ambrose. Many have expected Ambrose to be a heel for some time. Due to his Joker-like persona on TV, many have speculated that he could be WWE’s best heel for years to come. Currently, however, he is one of their best babyface characters. So we will have to wait and see if WWE turns him, and why.

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