Ravens Team Bus: Road To New England Is Rough For Baltimore Ravens As Team Bus Hits Parked Car

The Baltimore Ravens’ team bus was involved in a “minor accident” before Saturday’s game at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. According to Yardbarker, the team’s bus sideswiped a parked car in Providence, Rhode Island, where the team spent the night on Friday ahead of the division playoff game. It is unknown if the team was on the bus at the time of the accident, but no injuries were reported.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time that the Raven’s bus got into an accident this season. According to the report, the bus was involved in another accident in New Orleans before the team’s game against the Saints in November. No one was injured in that minor accident either. It is unknown if the same bus driver was involved in both incidents.

The Raven’s team bus accident might not be much to write home about, but some people are wondering if the accident is some kind of good omen. For anyone who might be superstitious, the Ravens beat the Saints in the game they played following their last bus crash, 34-27. If the Ravens do manage to edge out the Patriots in today’s game, NBC Sports believes this could be a good thing for the team. Perhaps they have good luck after these accidents.

Today’s game at Gillette should be a good one. The Patriots are favored over the Ravens, but anything can happen. With New England playing on their home turf (they have the best home record in the NFL since Belichick became coach), it is going to be hard to stop their momentum… but Joe Flacco and his Ravens have stopped these guys in the past. In fact, the Raves are 2-1 against the Patriots in the playoffs according to the Star Tribune. The only time the Ravens lost a playoff game in Foxborough was by three points.

Aside from the Raven’s team bus accident, the team is ready to go head to head with the top team in the AFC East. Of course, the team doesn’t have to deal with any of the repairs or the insurance claims…

If you want information about where to stream the game online, or how you can tune into the playoff game in your area, check out this article by the Inquisitr. For those who want a quick answer, you can catch the Ravens take on the Patriots at 4:35 p.m. on NBC.

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