TNA News: Concern For The Health Of Jeff Hardy Arises After Crazy Fall At Recent TNA Taping

TNA Wrestler Jeff Hardy is known for his crazy lifestyle and wrestling style. He has taken some of the craziest bumps and falls in the history of pro wrestling. Somehow, he has never been seriously hurt. However, he has had some very close calls. Last night, Jeff Hardy was working a steel cage match at a TNA Impact taping. The show was actually their TNA LockDown version of Impact.

The planned spot was to have Jeff fall on the cage door and land between his legs on the top of the door, to insinuate that he fell on his man parts. He was then supposed to fall and land on the steel steps below back first. That is exactly what he did. While Jeff Hardy has taken a stair spot before, this particular one happened to result in a landing so hard, Hardy was knocked out.

Immediately, concern started backstage and online once the video made it’s rounds.

Jeremy Borash was said to have come out to check on Jeff, and was said to have told the stage manager that Hardy was indeed legit knocked out.

Tommy Dreamer tweeted his concern, saying, “I’ve seen @JEFFHARDYBRAND take some ridiculous bumps. 1st time ever I’m concerned for his health & this is coming from me.”

Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy’s brother, tweeted back to Dreamer and others concerned.

“Thanks for your concern, @JohnNevill11. Jeff’s the toughest guy I know, but it’s been a nerve-racking night. @THETOMMYDREAMER

The spot was insane for even Jeff Hardy, who is known to have no fear. He has enjoyed taking the steel steps spot lately, as he recently was remembered for taking it during a TNA World Title match with Bobby Lashley. The spot was safer then, but this time around, it appeared that Hardy landed wrong.

In pro wrestling, sometimes a spot can go wrong at the drop of a hat. While Jeff Hardy escaped this one with potentially a concussion and no more, he could have been out for a while. I’d imagine that TNA will keep Jeff off of the next few shows in order for him to heal up. Jeff and Matt Hardy both are said to be going after the TNA Tag-Team Titles soon, so this will most likely put that on hold. Rumors state that Jeff will be okay, but as Matt mentioned, it wasn’t an easy night for him.

Jeff Hardy is quite the tough individual willing to do whatever it takes to entertain the fans. However, sometimes there are spots that you just shouldn’t take. This happens to be one of them. Knowing Jeff Hardy though, he’ll end up taking it again just because. Take a look at the video of the fall below.

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