‘Big Bang Theory’ Blasts Off Recap: Wedding Spoilers And Leonard Nimoy Update [Video]

For fans of The Big Bang Theory, waiting for the new season to start after the show’s hiatus required generous helpings of reruns accompanied by Sheldon Cooper’s favorite food, cold cereal. But the most recent episode, “The Space Probe Disintegration,” took viewers through a worth-the-wait adventure with all their favorite characters, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Best buddies and roommates Leonard and Sheldon happily play Lord of the Rings and ignore Amy and Penny. Their obsession proves to be a mistake when the women team up and decide it’s their time to take command of the Starship Big Bang.

After much discussion about options, it’s off to shopping heaven for Amy and Penny, while Sheldon and Leonard sit in the hell of scratchy store chairs waiting for their women and holding their purses.

“Boy, that’s a lot of panties,” commented a freaked-out Sheldon.

One of the questions for the upcoming season focuses on whether Leonard and Penny finally will be married, following his long-awaited proposal, shown below.


As to the where, when, and how, actress Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting finally hinted at the flowery future for her character, reported EnStarz. Spoiler Alert: She’s woeful that it will happen any time soon.

“Penny and Leonard took so long to get engaged that a wedding to me sounds like in a distant planet. I don’t know what the writers have planned.

“They’re going to do something very unique and special… that’ll just be completely different from what anyone expects. But that’s kind of ‘Big Bang’ for you. You never know what you’re going to get.”

That ability of the writers to produce something completely different from what even the most devoted viewers anticipate was clear in the show’s most popular episode of all time, the Leonard Nimoy episode, as the Inquisitr revealed.


And although it was the long-running show’s very first Christmas episode, it’s challenging for producers to find a way to best what they consider to be an iconic Big Bang Theory memory.

“The [Leonard Nimoy] DNA napkin is such a hugely iconic moment in the show,” admitted executive producer Steve Molaro. “It’s hard to think about topping it.”

Although Nimoy himself was charmed by it, fans are still hoping to see the solemn Star Trek character team up with Dr. Sheldon Cooper in a future episode. He even commented on his cameo.

Nimoy also took on the chance to lend his voice as Spock to an episode, but the Star Trek legend did not appear on screen. However, he told the Hollywood Reporter that he was touched by Sheldon Cooper’s obsession with Spock and the famous space series.

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself,” said Nimoy. “[They’re] a talented company and a smart show; they made me welcome.”


They’re also well-versed in Klingon, with Leonard and Sheldon proudly dressing up in their Star Trek uniforms. If the writers chose a Star Trek-themed wedding, Leonard even owns full-dress Star-Fleet uniforms.

And if he’s bored during the wedding ceremony, Sheldon can play “Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock” with his pals.


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