New ‘Dying Light’ Video Shows You 90 Minutes Of Gameplay

Dying Light’s release is just a couple of weeks away, and the game’s developer is making sure that everyone is plenty excited when it finally hit store shelves. A new video for Dying Light comes complete with interviews of the developers and more than 90 new minutes of gameplay footage. The new Dying Light video gives more insight into a game that centers around a world where the lead character tends to Parkour around hordes of the undead that become more dangerous as the night falls.

The release of this video showing off more Dying Light action comes on the heels of another trailer. The other video includes live-action video showing what getting through the Dying Light world would mean to a real person. While the video is promotional, it also allows gamers to see what it takes to survive the Dying Light world they’ll be playing come January 27.

Not only is Techland bringing a zombie game that could stand out from the rest of a very crowded background, but it sounds like the game is going to be looking pretty good as well. According to GameSpot, Techland says Dying Light will boast a resolution of 1080p/30fps on PC and PS4. There is one caveat: Techland says things can change between now and then. That little caveat should probably make us a bit nervous, considering there isn’t even a month before Dying Light gets released.

While the game looks plenty good, this isn’t the first time Techland has made its supporters uneasy. The game was originally supposed to be coming to the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Recently, the developer dropped the Xbox 360 and the PS3 from the lineup. The release date was also pushed back into 2015 after once being on track to hit stores during the holiday season last year.

This new video gives us a pretty good glimpse into why the game was delayed. The work being done by Techland has been directed at making sure that gamers understand this isn’t about some supernatural athlete plowing through zombies. Instead, the lead character is plenty skilled in Parkour but he can still be hurt, and he can still be overwhelmed. When it gets dark, it seems it’s almost a foregone conclusion that he will die. These are the dangers you’ll be facing when you get into the game. Dying Light hits on January 27, 2015.

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