Chris Brown Shows Off His Bulge In Photo That Drives Fans Wild

Chris Brown is no stranger to scandal when it comes to his genitals. More than one photo of his private parts have been leaked to the public as it is. Maybe that’s why he almost flaunts it now, or at least that appears to be the case with his latest photo. The “Loyal” R&B singer uploaded the risqué photo to his Instagram profile on Friday, and according to Hollywood Life, the fans have been going wild over it.

Numerous fans of Brown have taken to Instagram and Twitter to talk about his latest intimate photo, which shows him sprawled out comfortably in front of a picture window. Just outside the window, several delicate vines of green can be seen spreading across a wooden fence of sorts. Brown is fully clothed in the photo, wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants, but that didn’t stop the internet from immediately honing in on his junk — and for good reason. As many people know, sweatpants aren’t really good at concealing male genitalia, especially males who are as apparently well endowed as Breezy is.

It could be argued that the image believed to be a bulge in his pants could be nothing more than just a wrinkle in the fabric, but other photos of Chris Brown’s famous package appear to only confirm that it is not a wrinkle. Many of Brown’s fans believe that he posted the photo on purpose to flaunt his endowments, which is a sound theory. Ever since the first time photos of his package were leaked on the internet, he’s not been shy about showing it off. In fact, he posted a photo of himself in 2013 dressed as a green alien, and the suit clearly did nothing to conceal anything. Global Grind was one of numerous gossip rags sharing the risqué image, causing it to spread like wildfire.

The latest photo of Chris Brown comes on the heels of reports that he and Karrueche Tran are trying to take their relationship to the next level. They’re reportedly in couples therapy together, and there are rumors that a marriage may be in the works. So does that mean the photo was taken by Karrueche or for her? Whatever the story is behind the photo, it’s clear that it has caused quite a stir among those who may be just a little jealous of Tran, Rihanna or any of the other women who have gotten to know Brown on an intimate basis.

[Photo credit: Hollywood Life/Instagram]

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