These Phenomenal Libraries Around The World Will Amaze You! [Gallery]

For those who are travelers at heart, the world has some of the most interesting locations for anyone to visit. The Inquisitr reported on some of the more unique destinations a backpacker may want to visit, such as the most dangerous road in the world or probably the coldest city in the world. Let’s just hope people are still able to take vacations because reportedly many United States citizens took zero vacation days just because they simply can’t afford to miss work.

Somberness aside, an article by Slate has just made traveling a priority for the introvert bookworm. Why? It is because they showcased some of the most phenomenal libraries around the world!

Utilizing the book Reflections: Libraries, the article takes readers through a visual world tour of some of the most interesting libraries today. Starting out with the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, they traverse the globe to showcase many kinds of libraries, ranging from the minimalist, modern, and lavish.

Maeve Convery, the publishing director for Roads and editor, sent via email what was meant to be accomplished with the book.

“In terms of function, we aimed to have a wide representation. There are some of the largest libraries in the world, private libraries, university libraries, and small community libraries. Some were chosen because of the extremely interesting design, such as Stuttgart City Library, and others have unparalleled historical significance, like the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.”

It is also recognized there are two kinds of libraries: classical and modern. The classical libraries seen today are the ones with excellent upkeep through the ages. Most of them were originally built with a design and decor of the most prestigious castles, mansions, and churches seen in the Renaissance. Said design was also to cater to the tastes of the privileged class, the only class allowed to entertain themselves in such a place.

In the 21st century, libraries became more versatile and open for many social classes besides the privileged. However, the supposed threat of the internet and new media (eBook formats, for example) became an issue. To counter this, the architectural design of libraries became more daring than ever before. It also helps out that all libraries these days now offer free WiFi access. Some may even have bistros and restaurants. From what Maeve Convery states, such changes are all part of making libraries necessary in a world that desperately needs real community.

“Nowadays, when information is accessible to almost every one, at all times, the sense of community offered by the library is vital, and will continue to be so as we become more tech-obsessed. The greatest challenge and opportunity for the architect, then, is creating a democratic and lasting social space for the public.”

Now that you’ve read this special article showcasing some of the most interesting libraries in the world, are you interested in checking them out? If yes, would you go for sightseeing purposes or just to say you’ve “read a book” at such a library?

[Images via Reflections: Libraries]

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