Teresa Giudice Prison Woes: Complaints About Hair Extensions, Prison Food Surface

Teresa Giudice has been in prison almost five days, and of course she’s ready to run for the hills. Most fans can definitely understand wanting to be free from confinement, but apparently the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has many more complaints than what most would consider obvious. According to Radar Online, the “un-fabulous” lifestyle of prison is definitely a big problem for Teresa. No hair extensions and horrible food makes Teresa a very dull Italian girl. A source close to the reality star and cookbook author recently made her frustrations known during a discussion with the gossip news outlet.

“Teresa is not thrilled with the food,” the source revealed. “It’s extremely bland.”

Although she’s incarcerated, she reportedly has found a silver lining that may make things a little better – at least where the food is concerned.

“Teresa hopes to get a job in the kitchen to improve the quality,” the source revealed. “She has joked with family that she will be losing a lot of weight!”

The prison food may not be highly regarded as far as Teresa is concerned, but there’s reportedly one other reason that’s a much bigger concern for her – her hair! The source revealed some facts about Teresa’s hair that many fans may be totally unaware of.

There’s actually a reason why she prefers to wear extensions, and it has nothing to do with glamor. Her hair is reportedly thin, “especially around her hairline,” so she wears hair extensions for a fuller look. But, unfortunately, her signature look is banned at Danbury Federal Correctional Facility. The directive was reportedly such a hard pill for Teresa to follow, she actually didn’t remove her clip-in hair extensions until right before she reported to the facility. Since she didn’t want to be seen without her extensions, she reported at approximately 3 a.m. to avoid having her picture taken.

“Teresa has worn clip-in hair extensions for years, because her hair has been thinning, especially around her hairline. The clip-in hair extensions allow her to make her hair look fuller, and it’s not that expensive.”

Although her temporary lifestyle is a big adjustment, US Weekly reported that she’s doing fine. But even in the midst of adversity, Teresa still has something to be happy about! Fans have reportedly been supportive, and she’ll be released two months ahead of her 15-month sentence.

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