Rapper Kevin Gates Has Sex With His Cousin For Two Years, See His Reaction [Video]

Rapper Kevin Gates made a bombshell revelation about who he slept with. According to TMZ, Gates revealed that he had sex with an unidentified woman for two years and found out the woman in question was his cousin.

Here’s the kicker: The rapper admits to finding out about her identity after three months of having a relationship with her. Tossing that information aside, Gates decided to continue sleeping with his cousin for a full two years before they parted ways.

The Louisiana rapper revealed all of this in several Instagram videos. He said that his grandmother initially told him after three months had passed that he was having a relationship with his cousin.

The 28-year-old rapper’s response is simply mind boggling. “Everythang beautiful, and yo grandmama come and tell you one day ‘You know, that’s your cousin.’ Y’all done got the hard part out the way. Why f*** up a good thing?”

He goes on to say that despite their relation to each other, they had a good thing going, including a good sex life, so Gates decided not to stop, and didn’t believe it was anyone’s business — even if he just made it everyone’s business by coming clean about this bizarre relationship.

The rapper told TMZ Live that the relationship started back in 2006, and even though they broke up in 2008, the cousins remain pals. Even more disturbing is that he would do it again despite the fact that it’s his cousin.

He continued to say, “If you doing something you’re ashamed of, you ain’t got no business doing it. I got a real real big family and it’s impossible for me to know every person that I’m related to in my family. I’ve never seen this person until that day.”

That said, Kevin Gates goes on to say that he wouldn’t conceive children with his cousin, but not for the obvious reason you might think.

“I just had two and I’ve been trying to go for three or four and it just ain’t been working.”

To hear Kevin Gates’ thoughts, watch below, but be warned — the language he uses is extremely explicit and it’s NSFW.

Here’s the explicit video off of his personal Instagram page.

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