Gary Shirley Shares Sonogram Photo Of Second Child

Gary Shirley is expecting his second child, and chronicling the journey on Twitter. In one of his latest tweets, the Teen Mom star shared a photo of his child’s sonogram.

“There she is!!!!” Shirley wrote on Twitter on January 9, along with the photo.

A while earlier, the reality star told fans, “Sonogram #4 Gotta love lil miracles!”

Weeks ago, after Shirley officially confirmed his girlfriend Kristina Anderson’s pregnancy on Twitter, the Inquisitr reported Amber Portwood’s feelings about the news.

“Amber has known about the pregnancy since August, so she has had time to process everything. Of course she was upset at first, but she has moved on. Amber is still with Matt, and he’s helping her get through this. Gary’s new baby is the last thing she’s thinking about.”

“Her storyline will be really dramatic this year,” an insider told Radar Online. “She has so much going on in her life.”

News of Gary Shirley’s girlfriend’s pregnancy first hit the web in October.

“Gary told Amber that Kristina is pregnant with his baby about a month ago,” a source close to the star told Radar Online. “Amber was really upset at first.”

Once the news sunk in, Portwood accepted it and moved forward.

“She’s focusing on herself and getting more time with Leah. Leah is her main concern.”

Although rumors swirled regarding Shirley’s possible cheating, he took to Facebook, as the Inquisitr reported, where he denied having been unfaithful to Portwood.

“I told her about my girl 5 days after I officially started dating her. I told her in front of my girl friend over the phone cause I didn’t wanna lie! Plz be aware that most of what she has said is false! Amber unfortunately has to put a spin on things to make her the victim plus it helps her dog me a lil!”

Portwood had claimed Shirley cheated in her book, Never Too Late, but he says otherwise.

“By all means plz continue to lie and sell your book which also lies about me cheating, which I did do 1 time, but was just a kiss. Just so everyone is aware I’m not immature like I once was. I learned a lot of my actions had consequences.”

He also claimed he’s doing his best to co-parent Leah.

“Amber gets phone calls often from Leah after I insist she talk to Amber even when she doesn’t want to! Having both her parents is super important so she don’t feel abandoned.”

To see the photo of Gary Shirley’s unborn child’s sonogram, check out his tweet below.

[Photo via Twitter]

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