A dipshit caught using sex dolls in parking lot [VIDEO]

It’s one thing to think that having sex with a blow up doll is just the hottest thing going but at some point don’t you think that doing it in full view of families is going just a tad too far?

Well for one complete idiot it appears this wasn’t the case as was witnessed by some families doing their evening shopping at a Cape Coral mall in Florida. Apparently the man didn’t even care that people were seeing him in the throws of pleasure as he also kept gesturing to those walking by to come closer.

Witnesses tell us the man wasn’t even trying to hide what he was doing outside the Publix off Veterans Parkway around five o’clock Wednesday night.

“As I walked by, I noticed what he was doing, and it was obvious he had one hand on the doll, and he was trying to engage anybody walking by,” said a Cape woman who didn’t want to be identified. She and her family were making a quick stop for groceries, when she says she, her husband, and their kids saw everything from the very next parking spot.

“He started, you know, molesting the dolls and making out with them and kissing them, and making hand gestures,” the witness’ husband described the scene.

Source: WinkNews

Man haven’t we gotten rid of the low end of the gene pool yet?

Here’s the news report of the incident

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