Alison Carey Tells Mariah Carey, ‘You Need Someone You Could Trust’

Mariah Carey has been having a rough time lately, and it doesn’t appear that it will get any better any time soon.

Mariah’s estranged older sister, Alison Carey, has decided to make their familial problems public and has written an open letter trying to repair the sisters’ broken relationship.

The Carey sisters first had their falling out in 1994. Alison tried to mend the relationship with Mariah back in 2012 to no avail. She is now trying once again to get Mariah’s attention, but many are asking why now?

Alison Carey is a former prostitute who has contracted HIV. She has recently fallen on some hard times, and although she is working as a cleaner, she admits that she and her two children are about to be evicted due to quite a few missed rent payments.

That being said, the older Carey says that she’s not trying to reconcile with Mariah for financial support. Instead, she wants Mariah to “love me again” and to be her “sister again” according to Your Daily Scoop.

While Mariah has cut her sister out of her life, she did meet up with her sister’s son and daughter in 2010 in New York City. Mariah treated the two children to a dessert date, but that was the last they heard or saw of her.

Now 53-year-old Alison is pleading with Mariah. Alison refers to Mariah as “irreplaceable.” Alison also adds that she could use Mariah’s “help” but that she’s “not in this for what I can get.”

The older Carey also admits that she’s “done things that are wrong” but that she wants to “let the past be the past and start over from here.”

Alison also writes to Mariah, “You need someone you could trust.”

And Mariah does need that. The past year has taken its toll on the “Hero” singer. She has become the butt of many jokes online, with people joking that “All I want For Christmas Is My Voice Back” among other things.

This year had Mariah announcing her separation from her husband of six years, Nick Cannon. Then there was a slew of criticism after some off-key performances at the Beacon Theater in New York City. There was also disappointing album sales, according to Forbes, under 150,00o albums sold for her latest venture Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse, and the star does seem to need someone to trust, but people are questioning if that could be her older sister who has wronged her in the past.

Hopefully things will be looking up for the pop diva, though, with an upcoming residency in Las Vegas. Even after having her dirty laundry aired multiple times this year, a show in Vegas will do Mariah Carey good.

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