Two-Year-Old Bob Marley Impersonator Wants You To ‘Get Up, Stand Up’

Two-year old Myles Kingston is the adorable pint-size Bob Marley impersonator who enjoys belting some Marley lyrics and busting a few of the reggae icon’s signature moves.

An enthusiastic fan, Myles has been listening to Bob Marley since he was in his mother’s belly.

“Our family is from Haiti and Jamaica, so we have always played Bob Marley in our household,” Myles’ mother, Suze Sadler, told the Huffington Post.

Around his first birthday, the toddler started singing along to Bob Marley songs and re-enacting his moves.

“Every time he sang a Bob song, he did it with so much passion and soul,” his mother stated.

So she began recording the tot’s infectious Bob Marley performances “to document his journey into music.” This resulted in over 20 videos of the dreadlocked cutie rocking out with his toy guitar and microphone, and singing along to a few of Marley’s hits like “Get Up, Stand Up,” “Crazy Baldheads,” and “Lively Up Yourself.”

Sadler hopes that her son’s love for Bob Marley will bring joy to others and help to encourage peace.

“Maybe if all the children gathered around and sang all these wonderful songs of love, peace and unity, then the world will be a better place.”

[Image via YouTube]

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