Teresa Giudice Prison Update: ‘RHONJ’ Star Is ‘Doing Fine,’ Preparing For First Visit

Teresa Giudice is reportedly “doing fine” in prison as she awaits her first visit from family. In a new interview, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s lawyer, James Leonard Jr., revealed he’s been emailing back and forth with Giudice, and claims she’s handling her new living quarters well.

“She wrote that she’s doing fine and getting along with everyone,” Leonard Jr. told E! News on January 9. “Everyone’s been kind and respectful to her, both inmates and staff. She’s doing well.”

Teresa Giudice and her attorney have been in communication via email since she entered into a 15-month prison term on Monday. However, “due to attorney-client privilege,” their exact correspondence will be kept private.

“She will get her first family visit this weekend.”

In a matter of days, Teresa Giudice’s husband, Joe Giudice, will be traveling to Danbury, Connecticut, to visit with the reality star and mother of four for the first time. As for the couple’s daughters, Leonard was unsure if they would be included in the visit.

While Giudice was sentenced to 15-months behind bars during her October 2, 2014 sentencing, Leonard said there is a chance she will be released earlier. In fact, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, her release date is set for early February 2016.

“It’s a simple calculation. You get your sentence, in her case 15 months. You have to serve at least 85 percent of the 15 months, which is the release date listed on the BOP site.”

Teresa Giudice may be doing well behind bars, but according to a Radar Online source, she isn’t completely thrilled with the prison’s food or their rules.

“Teresa is not thrilled with the food. It’s extremely bland. Teresa hopes to get a job in the kitchen to improve the quality. She has joked with family that she will be losing a lot of weight!”

As for the rules, Giudice isn’t taking too kindly to not being allowed to wear her signature hair extensions.

“Teresa has worn clip-in hair extensions for years, because her hair has been thinning, especially around her hairline. The clip-in hair extensions allow her to make her hair look fuller, and it’s not that expensive.”

Prior to entering prison, Giudice was reportedly upset that she would have to remove her extensions, and made up for her lack of hair with a plethora of makeup.

“She didn’t want to be photographed without the extensions, and Teresa also wore full make-up for her 3:00 am arrival.”

Teresa Giudice’s husband will enter a 41-month term after her own term is complete.

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