A New Reason Not to Send Out Nude Photos of Yourself

If you’re looking for a new reason not to send out nude photos of yourself, here it is: A teenage guy from Wisconsin is accused of posing as a girl on Facebook, convincing dozens of his male classmates to send him naked pictures, and then — here’s the kicker — blackmailing them into performing sex acts with him.

Facebook Sex Scam

Investigators say the kid — an 18-year-old named Anthony Stancl of New Berlin Eisenhower High School, near Milwaukee — pretended to be a girl named Kayla or Emily. He’s accused of contacting other boys, chatting with them, then getting them to strip-and-click and share their pics, media reports indicate.

At least 31 guys fell for it, police say, and more than half of them claim “Kayla” or “Emily” told them to meet up and hook up with her male friend or she’d publicly post the images. Several of them say they went through with the sex acts. They claim Stancl went as far as to photograph their physical encounters.

Criminal Charges

Stancl’s now facing a host of criminal charges. Officers say they found hundreds of nude images of underage boys on his home computer, some as young as 15 years old. He could be sentenced to as much as 300 years in prison if convicted on all the counts.

Stancl’s next hearing is set for February 26. His attorney tells MSNBC he plans to plead not guilty and try to reach some sort of plea agreement.

Facebook Sex Scam Video

Here’s a Milwaukee TV station’s report on the incident, including video of Stancl in court.

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