Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Explodes In Thailand, Incident Caught On Camera

In yet another case of a mobile phone exploding without warning, a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone exploded inside an office in Thailand. According to Ubergizmo, the incident happened inside the office of the Krung Thai Bank located in Thailand’s Suphanburi province. Unlike many other cases of mobile phones exploding, where we only get to see pictures of the aftermath, this incident was caught on camera. The footage of the exploding phone was apparently captured by CCTV cameras placed inside the office.

This also proves that this incident was definitely not staged. The video is scary to watch and will make you wonder what would have happened had the phone been inside the pocket of a person when it exploded. Note that the phone was not kept for charging when the incident happened. In the video, you can clearly see the phone exploding without warning. Luckily for the employees working at the bank, the phone was kept in a wooden enclosure under the counter when it exploded. The explosion was short lived, and the phone neither caught fire nor ignited other materials kept on the desk. Moments after the explosion, you can see staff members of the bank rushing to check what had happened.

Later, they took images of the aftermath, in which you can clearly see the damage that had been done to the enclosure where the phone was kept.

It was later revealed by Bangkok Coconuts that the handset involved in this particular incident was a near 2-year-old Samsung Galaxy S3. At this stage, there has been no confirmation regarding the reason for the explosion. It is unclear if the owner of the battery was using an original Samsung battery or a spurious one that comes for a lot cheaper.

There has been no comment from Samsung on this matter so far.

This is not the first time that the Inquisitr has reported about exploding phones from the South Korean phone maker. Recently, we had reported about the story of a Samsung phone exploding and and causing a small fire in Canada.

Are you wary about getting a new Samsung phone after watching this video? That said, let us also tell you that there have been several cases of iPhones exploding without warning as well!

[Image Via Bangkok Coconuts]

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