Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Apologizes To Justin Bieber After Claiming His Calvin Klein Ads Are Retouched

Justin Bieber has received an apology from Mark Wahlberg’s wife Rhea Durham after her comments about alleged retouching in his Calvin Klein ads on Twitter on Thursday night.

Durham initially went on the offensive a few days ago, comparing Bieber’s appearance in his Calvin Klein ads and her (now) husband’s shots for Calvin Klein’s ad campaign in 1992. And last night she went back on Twitter again to revisit the topic, although she later clarified her comments.

As the Inquisitr has reported, the Canadian superstar’s new role fronting CK’s spring 2015 Underwear and Jeans campaign with model Lara Stone, has sparked debate over alleged photoshoppping after some perceived differences between the video footage and print ad shots.

Despite airbrushing being a standard in fashion photo shoots — and indeed used, in Mark Wahlberg’s Calvin Klein campaign — Rhea raised the subject of alleged retouching in the Biebs’ own ad images, also stating her husband was the best model for the brand.

On Tuesday, the same day Bieber was first revealed as the new face of CK, Rhea tweeted “Just gonna say this…..did u ever hear the song #aintnuthinliketherealthingbaby.”

Shortly after, she posted another, writing, “My baby was the 1st and the best,” along with smiley emojis.

Rhea went on, “And not to mention……wow the retouching,” before sharing a link to some of Wahlberg’s CK underwear pictures from 1992, adding, “mark wahlberg calvin klein ads – Google Search that’s the real…..ain’t gonna lie.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber as seen in his Calvin Klein ads)

After inevitably setting off a firestorm of angry comments from Bieber fans, Rhea replied to one, saying, “No hate! Just saying the original was the best that’s all.”

Fast forward to Thursday, after responding to a few Beliebers directly, Durham attempted to clarify that she wasn’t so much criticizing Bieber as praising her husband.

“I have no ill will against anyone! I’m just super biased for my hubby that’s all. Mark loves Justin. It’s all good! Xo,” she wrote.

Durham continued to try to clean up the bad feeling her first comments caused to some, also tweeting, “Hey! Guess what??? I love Justin! My husband loves Justin! My daughter loves Justin!! And Harry(but that’s another story) it’s a love fest.”

Explaining her protective point of view, Rhea went on, “I’m not censoring how I feel about my husband! That’s my Man…..sorry! One day Justin will have a wife too and she’ll do the same.”

From this point, Mrs. Walhberg gushed openly and praised Justin’s ripped look in his ads, and even threw Harry Styles (and her hubby, of course) in for good measure.

“But hey while we’re on the topic…..w/out sounding cougarish Justin looks very very good in his ads! But I still love Harry! (and Mark).” She continued, “Wow… this point I’m just confused! There all hot! Damn ya’ll!!!”

Around an hour after that penultimate tweet, Durham directly tweeted an apology to Justin.

Bieber hasn’t made a public comment on Rhea’s tweets or alleged photoshopping furor.

But earlier this week he tweeted, “Just spoke to my boy @mark_wahlberg. Honored to be a part of the legacy. @CalvinKlein #mycalvins.”

Naturally, Bieber’s fans are commenting, as seen in the Twitter snapshot below.

What do you think about Durham’s views and apology, and Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads? Let us know in comments below.

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