Donna Simpson, 600-Lb Web Star, No Longer Eating on the Internet

Back in July, James covered the ongoing story of web feederist object of lust Donna Simpson, and her ongoing quest to become the fattest woman of all time in ever.

Simpson is- by far- not the only person on the internet, female or male, who engages in such unhealthy (both physically and psychologically) behavior, but she managed to draw the attention of the endlessly sensationalistic British tabloid press, and has, in a way, become the face of the feeder/feedee internet subculture.

Simpson supported herself through web subscriptions, but the former New Jersey resident (who has since moved to Ohio) is ditching the lucrative business that brought her worldwide fame (and scorn) in hopes of regaining a healthy lifestyle. (As opposed to the 100 lbs. she added eating pizzas and Chinese food for the camera.) Simpson says she blames herself for getting into the unhealthy habits, but hopes to turn her life around.

On her site,, Simpson explains:

“I have only myself to blame for the position I am currently in, and I must now face the greatest challenge of my life. In order for the people I love most to have a happy and healthy life, I must regain my emotional and physical well-being.”

The SSBBW model says she’s keeping her goals realistic and doesn’t expect to become a mainstream model any time soon:

“I’m not trying to be a size 4… I’m not trying to be a thin-mint. I just want to be normal and more active.”

Do you think that more of these fetish feeders and feedees should follow Simpson’s lead?

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