50 Cent Would Like To Explain To You How Watching ‘Star Wars’ Is A Lot Like Buying Lingerie [Video]

If you were to think of Star Wars: Episode VII, the first words to pop into your mind would probably be The Force Awakens” or “excited,” but definitely not “lingerie” or “50 Cent.” The rap mogul-turned-electronics entrepreneur would like you to know, though, that you should be thinking of his name when you think Star Wars… and lingerie, too.

The Consumer Electronics Show has given us some winners this past week – including a look at the imaginary tech Tony Stark and the Avengers will be using in Age of Ultron – but few things to come out of CES 2015 can top the Verge’s sit-down with rapper 50 Cent. Fiddy took time out from his busy schedule to talk about SMS Audio, the company he founded in 2011. SMS has partnered with Disney and will produce themed headphones tied to the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens later this year.

The interview, of course, turned to 50 Cent’s own feelings on Star Wars, and the rap star seemed to indicate that he was reluctantly optimistic initially at the possibility of partnering with Disney on Star Wars-themed gear from SMS Audio.

“At first when they approached me with the idea… of going after the [‘Star Wars’] license, I was like, ‘That would be interesting,” 50 Cent said. “I was like 50 Cent and geeks. G-Unit, Geek Unit.”

Apparently the possibility wound up proving lucrative for both sides, because SMS Audio wound up signing an exclusivity deal with Disney, according to 50 Cent. In addition to the Star Wars merchandise, SMS Audio will be producing products for sale in Disney theme parks. The two companies began working out the details of the deal about a year ago, and it’s now finished in time for the Star Wars marketing and accessories to go into full swing.

star wars headphones
The Star Wars franchise got some hip-hop style marketing help from 50 Cent and SMS Audio.

And is it working? It’s looking right now like the combination of 50 Cent’s SMS Audio and the Star Wars brand is pretty solid.

“What we’d projected for the first quarter,” 50 said, “we ended up selling in two days.”

But where does lingerie come into the whole Star Wars conversation? Well, that popped up when the interviewer talked with 50 about whether or not he would make a point of making his kids watch Star Wars when they came of age to be able to appreciate the series.

“They should see it,” 50 said. “The point… It’s like buying lingerie, right, for women.”

And then the interviewer’s ears perked up. Wait, what: Star Wars is like buying lingerie?

“Watch this metaphor,” 50 continued, “it’s a little sophisticated. I’m from hip-hop; we do things a little different. ‘Star Wars,’ lingerie: lingerie is the thing that you would buy a woman, and it’s really for you. ‘Star Wars’: I’m going to take the kid to have a good time, but it’s really for me. So it doesn’t punish me to have to watch the kid’s film.”

And there you have it. Taking your kids to see Star Wars is like buying lingerie for your significant other. As true today as it was when it was first said, which was probably in the last few hours.

The Star Wars First Edition Street headphones are currently available from SMS Audio, running about $200 per pair, with designs based on classic imagery from the legendary sci-fantasy series. Those headphones you can get right now. The Force Awakens, though, you’re still going to have to wait for.

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