Weymouth Woman: Baby Arrives One Hour After Woman Learns She’s Pregnant

A birth happens just one hour after a Weymouth woman learns she’s pregnant with a baby. The news hit Katherine Kropas of Weymouth, Massachusetts as sudden when she hadn’t missed one day of work for two years until she had to call in sick for stomach discomfort that she was experiencing Tuesday.

Pain was becoming worse for Kropas as she waited for tests at the hospital from the doctor. She was informed that she wasn’t only pregnant, but that she was about to deliver! Within in an hour, Kropas had the surprise delivery by 11:00 a.m., WCVB 5 reports!

As Patriot-Ledger elaborates, Dr. Ben Hamar, the doctor at South Shore Hospital who delivered the surprise baby, says in the 3,500 pregnancies that he sees each year at the hospital, a few of those are “surprise” pregnancies in which the mother is due to deliver in a matter of weeks or days. Within in an hour has to be a record, however.

How’s Kropas taking this huge sudden change in her life? She and her boyfriend of 2-and-a-half years are very happy. In fact, Kropas says “it will be fun” and that she’ll “have lots of help.”

The main worry now is finding a name for their daughter. So far one of their favorites is “Ellie.”

Patriot Ledger cites a study from the 1990s in Berlin that found “that women were three times more likely to go into labor without knowing they were pregnant than to give birth to triplets, which happens about once in a thousand births.”

Some of the reasons behind a woman not realizing she’s pregnant has to do with body size and irregular menstrual periods, doctors say.

There weren’t any signs leading up to the “surprise delivery” for Katherine Kropas. She said the only thing she noticed in recent weeks was swelling in her ankles, but she figured it had to do with working nonstop over the holidays. Katherine works for a catering company, so she’s on her feet a lot.

Kropas reports never feeling sick or any kind of pain other than that and the stomach ache she went in for Tuesday morning.

Imagine going to the doctor over some pain only to find out that you’re pregnant and you need to be prepped for delivery right away. That kind of news could easily put most into shock, but the Kropas handled it all in stride and looks forward to the big change ahead of her with her “surprise baby.”

[Photo Credit: Kropas Family/Patriot Ledger]

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