Cote de Pablo Attends People Choice Awards, ‘NCIS’ Fans Still Hope For Her Return

Cote de Pablo was at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night, making NCIS fans remember (yet again) just how much they miss her on the show. The actress is on a new show called Dovekeepers and was likely asked to partake in the event as a way to promote the miniseries. According to Enstarz, after fans spotted de Pablo, Twitter lit up with comments about the actress, who departed NCIS after multiple seasons of playing the beloved Ziva David.

Chatter over Cote de Pablo’s return to NCIS has quieted down quite a bit lately, but it doesn’t take much for fans to start wondering once more. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there is still hope for the actress’ return as her departure from the show was left sort of open-ended. This was apparently done on purpose, so if Cote wanted to return, she could be re-written back into the script.

“We didn’t kill her. So, Ziva’s still out there and she’s still alive — we’ll just have to see what happens,” explained the show’s creator Gary Glasberg. There wasn’t really any bad blood when Cote chose to leave the show. She really just wanted to do something else with her career. In fact, her co-stars even miss her. Actor Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony DiNozzo on the show, has expressed his feelings on the situation, and it seems like he wants de Pablo to come back to the show as well (the two had an on-screen romance).

Cote de Pablo is still present on NCIS from time to time, even if she’s not physically on the show anymore. There have been a few references to Ziva David this season, and according to MStarz, some upcoming flashbacks may feature the actress. Flashbacks are nothing new, and this is an easy way to give fans what they want (even if it is a bit of a tease).

“We used stuff all the way back to Season 2, I think. It’s amazing to go back and collect all these different clips, of everybody from Sasha [Alexander, as Special Agent Kate Todd] to Cote [de Pablo as Ziva] to Michael [Weatherly, who plays DiNozzo] referring to the rules,” said Glasberg recently.

Do you miss Ziva on NCIS? Do you think Cote de Pablo will ever return to the show?

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