‘Parenthood’ Spoilers: The Braverman Family Bands Together As Final Series Episodes Air

Parenthood returns with a new episode Thursday night, and all signs point to it being a very difficult one. The last viewers saw before the winter break, Zeek was in the midst of another medical crisis and Camille had to call 911. What Parenthood spoilers are available for the January 8 episode as the Bravermans face this new crisis?

E! Online shares a brutal Parenthood spoiler sneak peek preview. This episode is titled “How Did We Get Here?” and the Braverman family gathers at the hospital. At one point, Camille will be in the chapel, and Adam finds her to comfort her. Camille is crying, and she says that it was bad, really bad, and she doesn’t know if he’s [Zeek] going to make it through this. The look on Adam’s face would seem to indicate that he wasn’t quite prepared to face that possibility, or didn’t realize just how critical the situation already was.

Another sneak peek shows Joel showing up at the hospital with coffee for everybody. Julia is surprised to see him and things are a bit awkward, but he says he wants to stay, and Julia seems pleased. Sarah and Amber are seen in the background smiling and watching Joel and Julia dance around it all. It looks like the show may end on a happy reunion note for these two.

Only four episodes remain until Parenthood wraps for good, and fans are heartbroken to see it end. What more lies ahead in these final episodes? A Parenthood spoiler preview reveals that Amber’s baby will be born, of course, but Crosby and Adam face the decision to perhaps finally close The Luncheonette for good when Adam says he wants out. Hank tells Sarah he wants to spend the rest of his life with her as Joel tells Julia he’ll never leave again.

What about Zeek? It seems he makes it through this next crisis, at least at first, but he is told that his heart isn’t strong. There has been a lot of talk of the likelihood of a Braverman death before the series ends, and it’s clear that these final episodes will have some heartbreaking moments. Will Zeek die before all is said and done, or will fans get to say goodbye to the Braverman family via a happy ending in the series finale?

Showrunner Jason Katims teased via Twitter that the series finale will air on January 29, and the title of that episode is “May God Bless And Keep You Always.” Obviously, the biggest Parenthood spoilers regarding Zeek’s future remain under wraps, but fans are worried.

For now, fans will have to tune in these next few Thursday nights to see just how it all plays out. Parenthood airs the final four episodes of the series on NBC beginning on January 8.

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