Iggy Azalea On Sex Tape Rumors: Mind Your Business

Iggy Azalea claims she doesn’t have a sex tape, but even if she did, the rapper believes it’s nobody’s business but her own.

Although 2014 was certainly filled with highs, Azalea encountered her fair share of lows. Not only did she feud with fellow rapper Azealia Banks on social media, Iggy also had to contend with rumors that she was front and center in an alleged sex tape. Of course, Azalea claims that reports of her on-camera shenanigans are greatly exaggerated.

During her chat with Vanity Fair, Iggy Azalea addressed the never-ending speculation that she’s the star of an as-of-yet unreleased sex tape. In short; the naughty footage doesn’t exist. However, in the event that has one hidden away, it’s really none of your business.

“Every week I have some sort of crisis that involves the Internet. I do not have a sex tape; I would remember if I had a sex tape. But if I did have a sex tape it would be completely f**king fine and my own business.”

Although Azalea touched on the negative aspects of her career — including that having a vagina is the main reason she’s vilified in the hip hop press — Iggy also discussed how her hit tune “Fancy” changed her life.

” I can’t walk down the street anymore, and I have to be very selective when I grocery shop. I went from having nothing to having everything I could possibly want. It’s weird. It’s almost scarily easy to quickly forget that you had nothing.”

According to Celebuzz, Azalea also believes it’s time for the public to finally put twerking to bed. Although it was fun for about a minute, the rapper thinks the fad has essentially run its course. Of course, there are countless others who feel the exact same way.

“Sometimes things become part of pop culture, but they run their course. I think it’s time for it to be over.”

When Azalea isn’t addressing rumors about her private life, she’s busy collecting awards for her music. The Australian rapper recently took home the award for Favorite Hip Hop Artist at this year’s People’s Choice Awards. Not surprisingly, this irritated quite a few folks, who didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts about the situation on Twitter.

Do you think Iggy Azalea is hiding a sex tape?

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