Melissa Gilbert Slams ‘DWTS’, Explains Recent Breast Surgery

Actress Melissa Gilbert opened up in a recent blog about a very intimate topic — her body.

The Little House on a Prairie actress composed a lengthy post titled “A Tale of Two Titties” that focused on the numerous reasons behind the issues that she has been experiencing with her body and overall self-image — mainly her breasts.

Gilbert identified two main reasons for her decision to get rid of her breast implants this week.

“A. I am concerned for my health and 2. I don’t like the way they look or feel. Frankly, I’d like to be able to take a Zumba class without the fear that I’ll end up with two black eyes.”

Diving into this particular topic allowed Melissa Gilbert to use the same blog to ventilate about a much bigger topic — the scrutiny that her body has apparently undergone due to her decades-long career as an actress.

Gilbert criticized the hit dance competition TV show Dancing with the Stars for contributing to the issues that she had with herself and her appearance.

“It was all about spray tan and glitter and glamor and what other people think and being skinny, way too skinny!! Yuck!! I stayed in that head space for several months after that. [sic]”

Melissa Gilbert was one of the competing celebrities on Dancing with the Stars back in 2012. She performed relatively well (in comparison to many of the other contestants) and earned fifth place.

However, according to Melissa’s blog, the issues and physical demands on her body did not start with Dancing with the Stars. She explains that the issues surfaced years ago during her final years of playing on the hit television show Little House on the Prairie, and continued from there.

“During the last few seasons of Little House I was made to wear a padded bra. When I did the re-make of Splendor in the Grass… those in charge, put me in a girdle, a corset, a padded bra and even painted cleavage on me!”

Gilbert even went as far as saying that the sides of her nose were shaded so that it did not look so wide, which led to her having her nose permanently “fixed” two years later.

Melissa states in her blog that this “culture” has been in existence for a long time and she admits falling right into it. In her own words, the 50-year-old actress believed that people would love her more if she looked a certain way in addition to being able to get more work as a side benefit.

Looking back on it, though, Gilbert confesses that her self-image “was in the proverbial toilet.”

Gilbert claims that one of her former husbands made offensive comments about her breasts, which made her self-conscious to the point of rarely ever going without a bra. Even after their divorce, Melissa could not forget the hurtful comments and chose to have a breast augmentation back in 1992.

She started with saline implants but had those replaced 12 years later with silicone implants, along with a breast lift. Her happiness with the results of her surgery contributed to her progressive obsession with the way that she looked, which she claims culminated when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

Once a “300 pound patio cover” reportedly collapsed on top of her, Melissa Gilbert claims that she received a much-needed wake-up call that helped her to realize the need for a major change.

“It was like a light switch going on. The shallowness of my existence at that point brought me to my knees. I had to change. I had to look inward and address my issues.”

That is how Melissa came to the decision of getting rid of her breast implants completely, thanks to the services of a Michigan surgeon.

Melissa Gilbert goes on to admit that she is much happier now — especially with her supportive third husband, Timothy Busfield, by her side.

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