Cardboard brown is the new green for computers

Apple may have cornered the market on cool chic designs for wrapping its computers in but they aren’t the snitz when it comes to the green movement. No sirree Bob. Never mind all that brushed aluminum is for the artsy fartsy Web 2.0 crowd. Us real folks we’re into a whole new way of boxing up our computer goodies and we’re earth friendly to boot.

Yup folks the new green for for computer cases is really cardboard brown in colour as evidenced by the two example I bring to you. The first is Francesco Biasci’s Cardboard Computer Case; which was a top entrant in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition recently. With this design you get the steel wool in name only instead of being used to make the case.

Which on the inside is made up like this

Next up on the cardboard front we have the Recompute which was also a part of the same competition.

[it would help if I actually added the pics huh ?

This might be a cool way to show off how ‘green’ you are but I’m not sure about the real usability of them.

[hat tip to LikeCool for the Recompute lead]

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