‘Jesus Christ Is Not A Fairy Tale But A Challenge,’ Barks Bono

It would appear that Jesus Christ is looming large in the heart and mind of Bono, since the U2 frontman’s freakish bike accident last November.

Just like Jesus Christ, Bono is not very popular with the younger generation anymore, so when the Irish songbird, who critics have often cruelly accused of having a messiah complex, took to the U2 website at the turn of the year to pen what could be described as the gospel according to Bono, it was largely ignored.

Apart from the news that Bono may never play guitar again, Bono’s verdict on 2014 went as unnoticed as a free U2 album in your iTunes library. Which is a shame, because Bono had a few interesting things to say about Jesus Christ and the birth of Christianity. Take it away maestro.

“At this time of year some people are reminded of the poetic as well as the historic truth that is the birth of Jesus. The Christmas story has a crazy good plot with an even crazier premise – the idea goes, if there is a force of love and logic behind the universe, then how amazing would it be if that incomprehensible power chose to express itself as a child born in sh*t and straw poverty.

“Who could conceive of such a story? If you believe it was the protagonist, as I do, then we should try to be really respectful of people who think the whole thing is a bit nutty or worse… Religious people are the best and worst of us…handle us with scepticism…”

Like some sort of cosmically crippled preacher burdened by the wonder of it all, Bono continues to praise the reality and idea of Jesus christ and suggests that like William Blake, “You can’t approach the subject of God without metaphor… literalism like legalism is an attempt to shrink God to recreate him in our own image.”

With words that would grace any pulpit, Bono continues.

“The Christmas story still brings me to my knees – which is a good place for me lest I harm myself or others. Christmas is not a time for me to overthink about this child, so vulnerable, who would grow so strong… to teach us all how vulnerability is the route to strength and, by example, show us how to love and serve.

“To me this is not a fairy tale but a challenge. I preach what I need to hear…”

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