Nicole Kidman Sued Because She Can’t Hold Her Water — In Her $10 Million New York Condo

Nicole Kidman is being sued by the downstairs neighbor in her exclusive Manhattan condo complex, because the actress allegedly was so careless she did not drain water out of a set of pipes in her $10 million duplex pad, before winter set in and froze the pipes causing a water explosion that did, the suit says, nearly $47,000 in damage to her neighbor’s place.

Kidman and her husband, Australian county singer and American Idol judge Keith Urban, bought the ritzy condo in the building pictured below at 200 11th Avenue in Manhattan’s West Village. The building is known for its expansive views of the Hudson River, and Kidman apparently wanted to enjoy those views from her terrace.

And when she was sitting on her terrace, she apparently did not want to to have to get up and go inside to get a glass of water. She had a set of copper pipes installed to bring water out to the terrace itself.

But according to the allegations in the lawsuit, the contractor who installed the pipes failed to properly insulate them, and then Kidman — or whoever she hires to oversee her condo when she’s not there — forgot to drain the water from the pipes before temperatures dropped below freezing in New York City.

On January 5, 2012, according to the lawsuit, the pipes burst and flooded the condo below, owned by Leonard Steinberg, whose insurance company sued Kidman on Steinberg’s behalf — claiming that the water wrecked Steinberg’s own pricey digs to the tune of $46,928.83.

Kidman and Urban also own homes in Australia and in Nashville, Tennessee — the latter of which is where they reportedly spend most of their non-working time. Kidman has said that she does not live in Los Angeles, home of the movie industry in which she makes most of her fortune because she prefers to avoid the “fishbowl.”

The filing of the lawsuit raises the question of why Nicole Kidman, star of such films as The Hours, The Paperboy and The Golden Compass — for which she was reportedly paid $15 million alone in 2007 — would simply pay for the damage herself rather than go through the aggravation of a lawsuit.

The $47,000 damage claim represents a minuscule fraction of Kidman’s estimated $130 million net worth. In addition, her combined fortune with husband Keith Urban is thought to be about $155 million, making them the 10th-richest celebrity “power couple” in the entertainment industry.

Nicole Kidman also comes from an extraordinarily wealthy family background. A company owned by family members, Kidman Holdings, is the world’s eighth-largest landowner, all of which makes being sued for $47,000 seem like an unwanted annoyance for the actress.

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