WWE News: Triple H Says ‘Royal Rumble’ Winner Not Decided Yet – Will Go To Most Impressive

The WWE Royal Rumble is now less than three weeks away, and many believe that the winner is going to be either Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns. Well, that doesn’t appear to be as concrete now and Triple H has told the entire WWE roster that they still have a chance to impress enough to move up the ladder.

According to WrestleZone, Triple H met with the WWE roster before Monday Night Raw this week to let them know they can win it.

It seems the locker room has been split down the middle as to who they believe will win and who they feel will win the Royal Rumble. Some are on the side of Roman Reigns as an up-and-coming strong man while others are in the corner of Daniel Bryan.

As Sports Keeda reports, many actually believe that Roman Reigns is “the next John Cena” in the company. Others are not as sold on Reigns as they believe he can be a little green in the ring and still needs to work a lot on his promo work.

Now, Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, who gets a lot of WWE predictions correct due to his “inside” knowledge, reported that the Royal Rumble winner could actually be someone other than Reigns or Bryan.

The meeting that Triple H held before Raw this week wasn’t just to see who they thought may win the big match. He actually told the locker room that a decision has yet to be made on who will go on to headline WrestleMania 31, and that it could be any of them.

Triple H has challenged all of the WWE talents to step up their game in the weeks leading up to the big Pay-Per-View. After that time, their work and effort will be evaluated by management before the Royal Rumble on January 25. That is when a decision on the big match winner is going to be made, and it could be anyone on the roster.

It is not known how this will work for Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, and Ryback who have all been removed from live and television events due to their “firing.” So far, there are only three announced participants for the battle royal so far in Bryan, Reigns, and now Rusev.

WWE superstar Cody Rhodes, aka Stardust, has denied that any such meeting took place with Triple H and the talent roster. That was when MetsFan4Ever jumped back on Reddit and called Rhodes’ bluff.

“Come on, Cody. You’re better than that. You know damn well that talent meetings are not impossible to hold. In my time I witnessed many of them. Both in the arena and in the locker room.

In fact there was one time where you all had to watch the WWE Film ‘The Day.’ That wasn’t impossible to get you all together to watch before Raw, was it?”

The Royal Rumble winner may or may not have been decided already, but only those in the WWE locker room or executive offices truly know. Fans will have to wait a few more weeks to find out for themselves.

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