Ex-Vegan Anne Hathaway Talks Animal Protein Diet, Humility, And TV Addiction [Video]

She may look elusively exquisite, but Anne Hathaway wants the public to know that she’s just like them. She secretly is addicted to certain reality TV shows, tried to stay on a vegan diet but surrendered to sausages, and is candid about flubbing it at the Oscars, reported the New York Times magazine.

Starring in a new movie, Song One, which she also produced with her husband Adam Shulman, Hathaway feels that she also learned humility from the experience behind the cameras.

“It was humbling, because I thought I knew a lot more about making movies than I did,” sheepishly says Anne in retrospect.

As for dealing with all the negative feedback and embarrassing moments, Anne jokingly offers advice for the next host, Neal Patrick Harris.

“Do the opposite of what I did, and you’ll be fine.”

To protect her personal life, Hathaway also uses humor. She reluctantly admits that she’s vowed to stop drinking alcohol in the New Year for a month, but hurriedly emphasizes that it’s not because she’s about to have a baby bump.

“It has nothing to do with pregnancy. But it’s not because of a problem. It’s just because why not: I’m going to really prioritize my health this year and not drink, at least not in January. I want to take a month off.”

Along with giving up alcohol as a health resolution, Hathaway has taken back animal protein after being one of the most famous celebrity vegans, as the Inquisitr revealed. She shifted to a high protein diet when she felt a sag in her energy during the filming of Interstelllar.

Feeling literally fed up with endless plates of tofu and beans, Anne decided to change to a Paleo-style low-carb diet to restore her energy level. She now recalls what it was like trying to stay vegan while keeping pace with the film demands.

“So you imagine what that’s like — what it’s like running through water and then you wear a 40-pound suit on top of it, so for me it was intense. I was facing my life, I don’t know how many days in a row of, like, garbanzo beans on a plate.”

Will she go back to her plant-based diet? Eagerly forking up a platter of sausage and eggs, with apologies to PETA, Hathaway said no during a recent interview.

Anne noted that the difference between eating a vegan diet and consuming animal protein was notable overnight.

“I just didn’t feel good or healthy,” she says now about her vegan past.


Hathaway’s health did suffer a relapse recently, however, when she experienced a bout of swine flu, reported USA Today.

Visiting Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show Monday night, Anne revealed that she found her own anecdote to the boredom inherent with lying in bed recovering from flu. And that’s becoming immersed in reality TV.

So what’s Hathaway’s secret TV addiction? Wave your crown for her choice of Toddlers and Tiaras.

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