GTA V Hackers Leak Code Revealing Heist Cheats And Mission Locations

Rockstar Games has promised online heists for GTA V will be made available early in 2015, and while the company has yet to specify an exact date of release, hackers have managed to leak source code which pertains to the contents of the downloadable content (DLC).

The leaked code, which the analysis of has revealed new heist cheats and heist mission locations, was accredited to YouTube user and GTA-V tipster DomisLive, a.k.a. Dom, with the following source code:

  • IS_HEIST_BANK_RENDERED – This snippet of code comes up with the interior of files which are required for a bank heist mission located near the affluent Los Santos neighborhood of Rockford Hills.
  • IS_CLIENT_SIDED_CONTEXT – Code which allows players to check on the client hosting the game. This is the client which connects the game to other players. Latin Times indicated that the code could pertain to a function known as “Blind Eye” which allows the player “to see a certain element in the mission that is blind to other players.”
  • LOCATE_NEAREST_REDNER_POINT – This code points to the “Render Point” for AI spawning during ongoing heists.

Additional features leaked seem to point to the development of content involving the virtual room in which heists are planned, the “Planning Room.” The following source code was allegedly tested by developers on their beta server known as Telemetry-494398:

  • .rdata:401928AA 0000004 HST BOARD_HEIST_PLANNING – Used in the planning board to begin planning a “Crew Heist” mission.
  • .rdata:794837R4 00000002 HST TURN_PRINTER_ON_OFF – Prints a planning sheet which is stored in the filing cabinet.
  • .rdata:102947C4 0000001 HST PRINTER_HEIST_PLAN_SC_CREW – Sends the planning sheet via e-mail to the rest of your selected Social Club Crew.
  • .rdata:284756DX 0000002 HST SHOW_BOARD_OUTLINE – Rendering functions which render the sketch outline of the planning board textures.
  • .rdata:193846F4 00000007 HST HIDE_BOARD_TEXTURE – Hides the planning board during currently unknown situations.
  • .rdata:685747X4 0000008 HST ALLOW_EMAIL_IFRUIT_APP – The function of a new feature for the iFruit app which allows you to send heist related e-mails through the app.

This isn’t the first time leaked source code has unveiled insight into unreleased content, as Inquisitr‘s very own Scott Grill reported on new heist data last month regarding a new phone contact named Jeff, new audio files, and more.

For PC gamers still speculating on whether or not the online rumors regarding a delay in the release of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V have any truth to them, you can rest assured that the PC version will launch on the date previously specified by Rockstar Games, as the game maker denied delay rumors in a statement published on the official Rockstar Support website in which the company reassured the public that the PC variant was still en route for delivery later this month.

“GTA V will be coming to PC on January 27. We have not announced any changes to this date at this time.”

The January release date of GTA V for the PC is coincidentally the same date Rockstar Games is scheduled to release their latest DLC for players of GTA V online.

Are you excited for the new downloadable content or the debut of the PC version of the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series?

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