Forbes 30 Under 30 List Revealed

Forbes’30 under 30” list has arrived with the New Year. Over 600 young people credited with changing our world are on the famous list. This is the fourth “30 under 30” list Forbes has released. There are innovators and entrepreneurs present on the list, and all of them are doing their part in shaping the world we know.

The new list has been expanded, and now contains 600 individuals in 20 categories, instead 450 individuals in 15 categories. All of the people on the list are recognized by world class expert judges, including Susan Wojcicki in Hollywood, Steve Ballmer in Sports, Sara Blakely and Tommy Hilfiger in Retail and E-commerce, Daniel Ek in Technology, Josh Kopelman in Venture Capital, Taylor Hanson and Troy Carter in Music, Shane Smith in Media, Jenny Lawton in Manufacturing, and Danny Meyer in Food and Drink. Judges had a challenging task of creating a unique list of 600 bright young stars who are making a difference in our world.

The statistics found on the new list are amazing. Over 83 percent of those on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list have middle-class or low-income backgrounds, 19 percent are immigrants, and 16 percent never attended or dropped out from college. According to reports, most of those game changers knew what they wanted to be by the time they were 14, which just might be one of the reasons for their presence on the Forbes list.

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR (Defying Reality, page 68) is on the cover story of the new Forbes list. He sold his company, which legitimized virtual reality, to Facebook for $2 billion, making over $500 million in the process. No one ever, not even Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, has made so much money at such young age (Palmer was just 21 when he sold his company).

The “30 under 30” list also includes entrepreneur and actress Blake Lively (27), Digital entrepreneur Michelle Phan (27), NBA All-Star James Harden (25), The Skimm cofounders Danielle Weisberg (28) and Carly Zakin (28), Glossier founder Emily Weiss (29), Datto founder Austin McChord (29), Imgur founder Alan Schaaf (27), Pershing Square Capital Management Partner Ryan Israel (29), Titanium Exploration Partners cofounder Brennan Potts (29), SIRIUM cofounder Kiah Williams (28), Butterfly Network cofounder Nevada Sanchez (26), and Socialbakers cofounder Jan Rezab (27). The complete “30 under 30” list can be found at Forbes, along with the video interviews with some of the list makers.

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