Flat White Coffee Prices Are Rising, Here’s How To Save Money [Video]

Flat white coffee orders are a growing trend in the U.S., due to Starbucks adding it to their menu this year. Flat white coffee, a not-too-milky espresso drink, is thought to have originated in Australia in the 80s.

However, Starbucks reports the following about where flat white coffee originated.

“The Flat White was reportedly created in the early 1980s in Sydney, Australia. Although others claim that this was being drunk earlier than this in the 1970’s in Melbourne.”

On the other hand, the New Zealand Herald coverage claims that flat white coffee was developed in their country.

“The drink is believed to have originated in Sydney in the 1980s but just like Pavlova, Phar Lap, and Crowded House, there has been some argument over who really owns it. There are New Zealand roasters who argue the flat white, as we now know it, was actually developed to its modern form in Wellington later that decade.”

Whether it originated in New Zealand or Australia, flat white coffee is now available to Americans.

Unfortunately, the price of a refreshing hot cup of flat white coffee or any other coffee beverage for that matter is expected to increase quite substantially, due to a Brazilian drought that took place last year. An increased global demand for coffee is also considered a cause for prices to rise.

In fact, one of the biggest coffee exporters is expected to raise the price of coffee this year.

The average flat white coffee cost is close to $3.54. The price of one cup of coffee may not seem like a lot of money; however, daily consumption of this drink can add up to thousands of dollars each year.

Moreover, the Wall Street Journal reported coffee bean prices might hit their highest levels in two-and-a-half years due to the recent Brazilian drought. Fortunately, Starbucks fixed their coffee bean prices with suppliers to meet their needs for 2015; however, prices for 2016 are still up in the air.

Coffee drinkers can reduce the strain on their budget by brewing the drink at home. Buying coffee whole beans and using an inexpensive coffee grinder can help save money, since ground coffee beans are slightly more expensive. In addition, purchasing in bulk can help in reducing expenses.

For people who would rather frequent a coffee shop, purchasing flat white coffee with coupons or gift cards can help in lowering costs. Some coffee shops have loyalty programs or punch cards to minimize expenses and encourage repeat customers. Some cafes even go so far as to offer a reduced price if a customer provides his or her own coffee cup.

The timing of Starbucks adding flat white coffee to their menu may not serve them well from a financial perspective. Nevertheless, Starbucks hopes to attract sophisticated coffee connoisseurs with the addition of their new beverage.

Flat white coffee has already had success in Europe. It’s not clear whether Americans will adopt flat white coffee as one of their favorite drinks.

[Image courtesy of Starbucks]

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