‘The Walking Dead’: Beth’s Death Didn’t Upset One Cast Member At All

The Walking Dead cast members usually have a tough time dealing with the death of one of the AMC series’ main characters. The actors and actresses on the show spend tons of time together during filming, and many of them form close bonds. However, one Walking Dead star wasn’t upset at all when Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) took a bullet to the head in an attempt to save Noah (Tyler James Williams) from being re-enslaved by the crooked cops holed up in Grady Memorial Hospital.

According to Entertainment Wise, The Walking Dead star in question used to have a little crush on Kinney’s character. However, Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus wasn’t the one who said something cold about Beth’s death — Chandler Riggs is the star who wasn’t saddened by Emily Kinney leaving the show. This might come as a shock to some fans, because Carl Grimes and Beth Greene seemed to be pretty good pals before everyone got separated during the prison battle.

During an Ask.fm Q&A with fans of The Walking Dead, Riggs revealed his true feelings about Beth’s demise.

“Well scott [M. Gimple] called all of us (like he always does with character deaths) and told us that she would be dying. i figured it was bound to happen sometime, so i wasnt like sobbing or anything. [sic]”

Chandler went on to explain that he didn’t actually spend that much time around Emily Kinney during the filming of the current season of The Walking Dead.

“Plus i havent really done a scene with her since the mid season finale of season 4, and before that was in like season 3. it wasnt like i hung out with her all the time, so it wasnt super devastating for me. [sic]”

You have to give Chandler Riggs props for actually speaking his mind.

Another star of the show claimed that Beth Greene’s tragic end had a very different effect on him. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Norman Reedus talked about how hard it was for him to see Emily Kinney leave the show.

“It was rough. I won’t lie, it was rough. She’s such an amazing girl and such a great actress and what her character meant to our characters was a big deal, so to lose that was a very emotional day for everyone. It felt like you actually lost a friend.”

Beth’s death was also hard on fans of the character. As the Inquisitr previously reported, there’s actually a petition begging The Walking Dead producers to find some way to resurrect Beth (which likely won’t happen). However, the death was the hardest on Emily Kinney — she lost a very lucrative acting job, and her life suddenly changed. During an interview with Us Weekly, Kinney talked about how she reacted after finding out that her character was about to be killed off.

“I was very sad and just dealing with, ‘What am I going to do with all my stuff?’ All the little stuff that you go through with a big change like that. It was quite a few years of my life.”

Emily also revealed that she cried and found it hard to sleep after learning about Beth’s death.

Do you think Chandler Riggs’ words about Emily Kinney’s exit were too cruel, or is it understandable that The Walking Dead star deals with loss this way after starring on a series that features so much death?

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