’12 Monkeys’: Watch The First 9 Minutes, Plus How It Controls Your Home’s Lighting

Next week, 12 Monkeys is coming to Syfy, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. The TV version of Terry Gilliam’s movie starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis follows Cole (Aaron Stanford in the series), a time-traveler from 2043, who goes back in time to try and save humanity from a plague. He meets Amanda Schull’s virologist Cassandra Railly. The cast also includes Kirk Acevedo, Barbara Sukowa, Noah Bean, Tom Noonan and Emily Hampshire (as Jennifer Goines, a female version of Pitt’s character).

TVLine has posted a 12 Monkeys sneak peek of the first 9 minutes, which you can watch below. It begins with a look at 2043, with Cole’s voiceover giving insight into how the world has changed.

“Where are you right now? Somewhere warm, safe, next to someone you love? Now what if all that was gone and the only thing you could do is survive? You would, right? You’d try. You’d do things, horrible things until you lose that last thing you have left: yourself. What if you could take it back, all of it, a reset switch? You’d hit it, right? You’d have to.”

Meanwhile, in 2013, Cassandra leaves her presentation after warning doctors that they need to prepare for the future and finds Cole in the backseat of her car, waiting. He warns her that he’ll use his knife if he has to if she doesn’t drive, and so she does, but she can’t tell him what he needs to know: where Leland Frost is because she doesn’t know anyone by that name. He realizes they sent him too far back into the past. She’s not exactly on board with time travel existing, but it’s not like she can’t believe it after seeing what happens to her watch and seeing him disappear.

Entertainment Weekly has outlined what’s the same and what’s different in the 12 Monkeys series from the 1995 movie. The setting, mission and time-travel glitches are the same, while the character of Cole, the storyline in the future, the 12 Monkeys mystery and the supporting cast are different.

That’s not all, as EW has also reported that Syfy has partnered with Philips and its Hue home lighting line so that 12 Monkeys can “interact with viewers’ home lighting,” using the Syfy Sync app, as the network has explained.

“[It] will detect audio cues from 12 Monkeys and translate them to the Web-enabled Hue system. Fans will then be enveloped in the onscreen action through ambient lighting effects designed to engage viewers in an entirely unique way.”

Syfy did this with Sharknado 2, but in this case, it is available for all 13 episodes of season 1 of the new series. However, a basic system does start around $200.

12 Monkeys premieres Friday, January 16 at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

[Image via Syfy]

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